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Department Of Radiology

The Clinical Mission

Department of Radiology - Patient Care

The aim of the Department of Radiology at Columbia University Medical Center is the delivery of an up-to-date high quality service across all imaging modalities and at every step of an individual patient’s journey through the Department.


To accomplish this mission the following safety and clinical outcome standards are followed to:

  • ensure that clinically relevant imaging and interventional radiology services are delivered in a timely manner.
  • ensure safe administration of drugs (e.g. sedation) and contrast agents and to deal effectively with any adverse reactions that may occur.
  • demonstrate compliance with health and safety regulations in relation to infection control as well as the national guidelines in relation to the potential harmful side effects of diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  • demonstrate that radiographic equipments (including computer and post processing software) are properly maintained and replaced.
  • ensure that appropriate, clinically relevant information is communicated between the referring physician and the radiologist.
  • demonstrate acceptable individual and institutional performance and clinical outcomes. In addition critical clinical incidents and adverse events that may occur including misidentification, reporting, and treatment errors are appropriately managed through a program of continuous quality assurance and quality control.

The goal of the Department is to ensure the delivery of the highest quality exams with accurate images and timely radiology reports so that each patient receives the most appropriate and safe imaging examination or treatment.